EPDM Roofing in Kitchener

As a team of certified roofing specialists, Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings installs and services EPDM roofing systems for both residential and commercial clients in Kitchener. A modern roofing option for either new constructions or roof replacement projects, the EPDM system offers exceptional durability and lasts for decades when installed by licensed roofing professionals.

Our team is proud to offer a range of services designed specifically for EPDM roofs. If you'd like to replace your roof, or if you're in need of repairs, our team is happy to be of service.

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What is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM material is comprised of a single membrane of high performance synthetic material (elastomeric polymer diene monomer) that is combined with carbon black, processing oils and various stabilizing agents that allows it to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings works with trusted EPDM manufacturers to combine a superior roofing product with our proven roofing expertise that results in a rubber flat roof option that is cost effective, lightweight and easy to install.

EPDM Roofing Installation

Old roofing is completely removed prior to installation in typical installations. Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings applies a single ply membrane is available in large rolls that enables easy installation. Our qualified roof technicians weld seams with a hot air gun across the roof surface using a range of methods that include mechanically fastening, adhesives or ballasting that provide heavy duty reinforcement and superior protection for roof systems in commercial and industrial locations in Kitchener.

How Long Does an EPDM Roof Last?

The single ply membrane of an EPDM roof will normally last for several decades with regular maintenance. Many of the first rubber roofs installed over 40 years ago are still in place with regular repair. The average life expectancy of an entire EPDM system (including original membrane and installation) is anywhere from 20 to 35 years. Ultimately, similar to most roofing materials, the longevity of an EPDM roof depends on a range of factors that include the specific structural characteristics of a building and the location and climate since rubber roofing is largely reliant on evaporation to clear water pooling.

EPDM Roofing Repair and Maintenance

Rubber roof systems are exceptionally easy to repair and require only basic cleaning with specially formulated detergents carried out a few times a year. Certified Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings technicians offer licensed inspections and qualified repair of EPDM roofing systems and are also fully equipped to provide in thorough roof cleaning which consists of brushing and sweeping the surface of accumulated dust and debris followed by the application of specialty cleaners that are strong enough to remove grime and grit yet designed to protect roofing material. If you have had a rubber flat roof for 10 years or more, ask Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings about EPDM protective coating applications that could extend the life of your EPDM system by several years.

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Whether you are hoping to install a new roof or you need repair and maintenance, price plays a significant role in choosing a roofer. At Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc, you can expect transparent pricing from the get-go. Our team will be happy to crunch numbers with you long before we get to work. Ensuring you know just how much you're paying for one of our superior services will help us to avoid surprises on the final bill.

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A Roofing Company that Prioritizes Client Care

We know there are other roofing companies to choose from in the area, but none are quite as qualified as Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc. Not only do we have years of extensive experience and a glowing reputation, but we're also known for our commitment to client care.

Our roofers use nothing but the utmost care and respect when working on your roof. We will work diligently to get the job done fast without sacrificing the overall quality of the results.

We can also discuss the best ways to care for your EPDM roofing and maximize its lifespan. We may suggest booking annual maintenance or a simple inspection.

Understanding the Importance of Roof Care

Your roof acts as your building's shield. It faces the elements - wind, debris, and precipitation daily - and needs to be adequately cared for. While a bit of wear and tear is to be expected, damaged roofs need to be repaired as soon as an issue is detected. Otherwise, your building could face moisture infiltration and subsequent water damage, an issue that can plague your building's structure and cause mold and other bacteria to grow and spread.

Having your roof professionally serviced on a semi-regular basis will help you avoid these issues and mitigate problems that arise before they escalate.

EPDM Benefits

A popular choice for low sloping roof systems on commercial properties in Kitchener, EPDM roofing systems offer a range of benefits that include:

  • Proven hail resistance
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • High resistance to high winds, hail, UV rays and abrasion
  • Thermal shock durability
  • Superior resistance to extreme heat and fire
  • Easy to maintain and repair

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When you choose to invest in EPDM roofing with Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc, you can expect great pricing. We have many connections in the industry and are proud to be able to bring our customers some of the most competitive rates on high-quality EPDM roofs, as well as other roofing materials. Whether you're in the market for a replacement or a full installation, we're confident we can deliver services that suit your budget.

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If you're on the market for a new roofing solution, EPDM could be the right choice, and Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc can get it installed fast. Contact our experts to discuss your roofing needs, and we'll deliver you the personalized care you can count on.

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