Cladding Restoration in Toronto

Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc provides licensed installations of stainless-steel cladding for industrial and commercial clients. As experienced and certified siding contractors, we install or restore the latest high-quality cladding produced by reliable manufacturers. Our restorations will protect and reduce energy costs in your building as well as enhance its visual appeal. Our qualified specialists will help you choose the most suitable options for your property and businesses according to your specific requirements and budget.

The siding materials we use for cladding include:


Our premium stainless-steel siding is an effective way of protecting your building from the elements as well as adding to its visual appeal. In addition to these primary functions, our high-quality cladding will also provide effective sound and thermal insulation, and even has fire-resistant properties. That being said, the exterior of your building takes a beating throughout the seasons, and even the toughest of cladding can benefit from some upkeep from time to time. If you have noticed that your building’s siding doesn’t seem to look or perform the way it used to, perhaps it’s time to make use of our restoration services.


Made from sand, cement, lime, and water, stucco siding can be applied to buildings with brick and stone surfaces following the application of an additional waterproof barrier and other reinforcements for a unique Mediterranean style look. Installing stucco siding is best competed by an experienced and skilled professional. Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc is fully equipped with the expertise and quality products to provide the natural beauty of a stucco siding installation that can last for generations.

Protect Your Property with Our Quality Cladding

It’s common knowledge that all residential properties require protective siding, but this is equally as relevant for commercial and industrial buildings. Although the materials used may change, the central idea remains the same: creating a durable and attractive layer on the outside of your building to protect it from harsh conditions.

If you already have stainless-steel cladding installed, but it doesn’t seem to be providing the benefits we are preaching about, it might just need some upkeep. Before you consider replacing your old siding, why not contact one of our experts to see what we can do. We have helped an impressive number of property owners save themselves the expense of new siding through our effective restoration process.

Why Choose Stainless-Steel?

  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to harsh weather and environmental effects
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Visually appealing
  • Won’t rust or stain
  • Low maintenance

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Provide your commercial or industrial building with unprecedented protection with the top-notch cladding and siding from Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc. Our certified team of specialists has the training and resources to install and restore stainless-steel siding. The materials that we work with offer optimal weather-resistance and will keep your building insulated throughout the year. If you would like to know more, schedule a consultation with us today by calling (519) 242-8533.

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