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Thorough Roof Inspections

Your roof is not the easiest thing to keep an eye on. Inconveniently located on top of your home or business, your roof needs to be assessed by a team of expert roofers. We are pleased to provide thorough roofing inspections on both commercial and residential properties.

We will safely access your rooftop, determine any issues, and provide you with a detailed report outlining your roof's health and any concerns we have.

Our roofers can discuss the best path forward to ensure that your roof is doing its job.

Annual Roof Maintenance

The best way to ensure your roof's ongoing health is to invest in annual roof. Our roof maintenance services will allow us to inspect your roof entirely and identify small and necessary repairs before the problems worsen. We can also let you know when the best time would be to replace your roof and how long you have left with your existing one.

Roof maintenance services can be booked far in advance or on the fly. We recommend investing in roofing maintenance on a semi-regular basis or after a bought of severe weather.

When to Invest in Roof Repair?

It can be hard to tell when your roof is due for an inspection, but you may want to give us a call if you experience any of the following:

  • Water damage (stains, sagging)
  • Asphalt granules in your gutters
  • Leaks
  • Eavestrough damage

Installing a Brand-New Roof

Are you looking to install a new roof? Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc has you covered. Our team has the tools and knowledge to complete roof installations using a variety of materials, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Green roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Flat roof coatings
  • EPDM roofs
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • Tar and gravel roofing

If you are interested in using a roofing material that is not listed above, please let us know. We'll do what we can to accommodate you.

Your New Roof: An Investment in the Future

Not only will a new roof ensure that your home or business property is protected from water damage, but it will also add significant value to your property. Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or in a few years, a new roof has the potential to increase your asking price.

If you're looking for a high return on investment, hiring Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc to install your new roof is a fantastic option.

Contact Our Roofing Experts

If you are in search of a full-service roofing company, look no further than the family-owned Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc. From patented roof coating services to roof repairs and maintenance, we do it all—and we do it for an incredible rate, too.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in our field. Homeowners refer us to their neighbors, and our professional peers respect us.

Request our services by calling (519) 242-8533 today. We cannot wait to work with you.

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Roofers You Can Count On

When homeowners and business owners need contractors to install their new building’s roof, they contact us. When their existing roof needs repairs, they reach out to our team. They call us because our services grant them peace of mind, but that’s not the only reason.

Clients continue to work with us because of our tireless commitment to customer satisfaction. From the moment we receive your phone call to the moment we vacate the premises, your rooftop, and all your concerns will have our full attention.

When you request our roofing services, you can be sure to expect fast turnarounds, competitive rates, easy to schedule services, and so much more. Roofs are our specialty, but we never forget to treat our customers to a pleasant, conscientious experience. Call us today to learn more.

Full Suite of Roof Repairs and More

Rooftops endure high winds, wind-blown debris, wildlife infestations, rain, sun, and everything in between. Thankfully, we are capable of correcting roof damages, both big and small. From damaged gutters to damaged coatings, we repair it all.

Some of the most common damages we assess include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged beams
  • Flashing repair
  • Damaged skylights
  • Broken eavestrough systems
  • And more

Save Big with Roof Maintenance

When you rely on our maintenance and roof inspection services, you are sure to save money in the future. During our thorough inspections, we will identify and correct any minor roofing issues before they result in future costly damages.

Spray Foam Roof Coatings: Our Specialty

When property owners want to protect their rooftops from unnecessary water damage, they request our spray foam roof coating services. Not only will the spray foam process safeguard your building from moisture, but it will also act as a thermal barrier. This energy-efficient feature of the spray foam coating is one of the many benefits of coating a rooftop.

Fast Turnarounds on Roofing Services

With over twenty years of roofing experience to our name, we’ve come to understand what clients want from a contractor. Clients expect quick turnarounds on repairs and maintenance services, and that’s what we provide.

Our expertise ensures that we will complete our work in a timely fashion, and we will do so without cutting corners.

Rely on the Region’s Best Roofers

Your rooftop is one of the most important elements of your home or business. It protects you from wind, rain, sun, and snow. Given how much we depend on rooftops, doesn’t it make sense to look to Kitchener-Waterloo’s most respected company for all your roofing needs?

If you are looking for a roofing company that can address all your roofing needs in a timely fashion, do not hesitate to contact Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Inc. Using time-honored methods and the best materials for your budget, we’ll do more than satisfy your roofing needs—we’ll exceed them.

Call us at (519) 242-8533 to schedule your first consultation. We can’t wait to work with you.

Reliable Roofers for You

Since our company’s inception, we’ve provided top-notch service for all our clients. Whether they’ve called us for last-minute, minor repairs or major restoration jobs, we’ve always provided the same excellent service. People near and far appreciate us for that commitment to professionalism, and we, in turn, appreciate every one of our clients. Like we always say, we don’t charge our clients extra when we go the extra mile—it is just how we do business.

Here, we offer the kind of service that turns virtually every first-time customer into lifelong clients. With our services, you can always expect:

  • Fast turnarounds on repairs and restorations
  • Accurate and detailed estimates
  • Access to budget-friendly and top-dollar materials
  • Respectful and dedicated crew members
  • And more

Would you like to learn a little more about what sets us apart from the rest? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our phone lines are always open. We love hearing from prospective clients.

In-Depth Rooftop Consultations

Every project begins with a thorough and thoughtful consultation. We will take the time to understand the parameters of your project and your expectations. But that’s not all. Most importantly, we’ll make sure we know exactly what your budget is so that we can source the materials that will improve your home without hurting your wallet.

The more information we have from you, the better we can work to satisfy your needs.

Countless Roofing Services—All Under One Roof

Whether you are looking for someone that can repair a roof leak, we’re the team for you. Over the years, we have handled just about every rooftop problem under the sun. Some of our most requested services include:

  • Roof leak repair
  • Flashing repair and installation
  • Roof inspections
  • Roof tiling
  • Reroofing
  • And more

Thorough Inspections of All Roof Repairs

Our work isn’t done once we’ve finished tiling your roof. Rest assured, we thoroughly inspect every inch of our handiwork prior to vacating your premises. Doing so ensures that everything meets your standards—and our standards, too.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Roofing Consultation

Whether you are looking for a more sustainable roofing option or simply like to repair some of those unsightly rooftop problems, we are the team for you. We approach complex issues with care, ensuring the smoothest transition to rooftop-perfection possible.

For first-class service with family-friendly rates, simply request our services. Our phone number is (519) 242-8533, and we are always ready to take your call.