Flat Roof Coatings

Stop Repairing and Replacing your flat roof more than once!

After years in the roofing industry, Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings is proud to provide a revolutionary roofing system that is effective, environmentally friendly, exceedingly long lasting, chemical and impact resistant and as low as half the cost (depending on the condition of the roof) of conventional roofing counterparts. With Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings, you can save money, be confident in functionality, and not worry about deterioration over time.

Seamless Pure Coating Membrane! By Rubber It!

We install a variety of coatings for all roofing systems whether the roof has a tar & gravel built up roof (bur), a modified bitumen roof (torch on), a Epdm roof, Pvc roof or a Tpo roof. We take intensive thorough reviews of the flat roof structure from our estimating teams, chemists and manufactures determining the right key performance coating characteristic property, for the existing substrate and each projects individual needs. Our technical team will educate and consult on our products, warranties and flat roof applications that tailor to the customers individual needs. Our technical on-site advisors are not only knowledgeable with their own product line, but also have an understanding in other manufacturer products. Building/Construction design and the physics behind coatings need to all work together in sync.

Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings Has the solution for you!

Conventional roofs are strong, useful, and are the general choice in North American construction. However, these roofs do not last too long before problems begin to appear. Problems such as leaks, cracks, and other damages which can be very problematic for the entire structure the roof sits on.

Providing 21 Century Flat Roof Coating Products and Applications

Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings provides a practical, very long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solution. Protective Flat Roof Coating Systems are far more advanced and due to advancements in technology, systems have a longer life expectancy. Available for flat roof restoration/re-roofing and new build/construction. Flat roofs are expected to be waterproof, sturdy, and resilient. Coatings are not a short-term solution to the protection of flat roofs, walls, floors, or any substrate. German-produced products are being used across Europe, replacing conventional roofing systems on a large scale. This technology is now available in -Western Ontario through Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings and is now produced in our home country, Canada.

Conventional flat roofing systems have seams every 3 - 20 ft, depending on product application. This does not provide a very reliable and long-lasting waterproof system.

A Rubber It Protective Flat Roof Coating Membrane is a seamless system witch covers your entire roof deck. No seams, completely sealed, monolithic and no place for water to get through.

When it comes to flat roofing there are key attributes a roof should have, be seamless, have elongation, be chemically resistant, impact resistant, maintenance free and be able to withstand our cold Canadian climate.

All our Coating Products are Manufactured Using Green Chemistry

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